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In 1993, Chris (Hanson), Dave (Kessner), Bob (Maple), Eric Schultz, Chris Hurtt, Earl
Miles and a few other malcontents found themselves in the possession of a microwave oven,
a cheap VHS video camera, some worthless CD-ROMs, and a (then state-of-the-art)
Amiga/Video Toaster editing system.

It all went downhill from there.

What has resulted (so far) are two episodes of Home Cookin'...
You'll never want to watch a PBS cooking show ever again!

Episode 1:
Compact Disc Surprise

Watch in multi-color horror as CDROMs full of cheesy MS-DOS software get what they so richly deserve.

Episode 2:
The Electric Pickle

Microwaves aren't the only way to nuke your food... and who has that kind of time on their hands anyway? Harness the incredible cooking power of raw electricity!



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